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GA Checkpoint is Vancouver’s largest dealer of Yamaha powersports and marine products. We’ve been serving our loyal customers since 1974.

Gordon Aulenback: Owner Photo

Gordon Aulenback


Gord became a motorcycle enthusiast back when Yamaha was first starting to get popular in Canada.  An avid cross-country and motocross racer, he used…

Brendan Keys: Photo

Brendan Keys

General Manager

Brendan started in the marine business in 1989 after emigrating from Dublin Ireland. After 9 years in the marine retail sales he moved on…

Brad Morrison Photo

Brad Morrison

Controller - Port Coquitlam

Contact Brad at: [email protected] or (604) 641-3434

Nicole Peat Photo

Nicole Peat

Administrative Assistant - Port Coquitlam

Contact Nicole at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Mac Siwocha Photo

Mac Siwocha

Motorsports Sales - Port Coquitlam

Contact Mac at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Casey KingCow Photo

Casey KingCow

Motorsports Sales - Port Coquitlam

Contact Casey at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Nadine Wierda Photo

Nadine Wierda

Marine Sales - Port Coquitlam

Contact Nadine at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Krysta Taylor Photo

Krysta Taylor

Parts & Accessories - Port Coquitlam

Contact Krysta at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Tristan Poh Photo

Tristan Poh

Parts & Accessories - Port Coquitlam

Contact Tristan at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Hailey Doell Photo

Hailey Doell

Shipping & Receiving - Port Coquitlam

Pat Hazard Photo

Pat Hazard

Service Manager - Port Coquitlam

Contact Pat at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Megan Keys Photo

Megan Keys

Marine Service - Port Coquitlam

Contact Megan at: [email protected] or (604) 461-3434

Gary Hausknecht Photo

Gary Hausknecht

Marine Technician - Port Coquitlam

Jamie Westfall Photo

Jamie Westfall

Marine Technician - Port Coquitlam

Dan Maidana Photo

Dan Maidana

Marine Technician - Port Coquitlam

JP Beaudreault Photo

JP Beaudreault

Motorsports Technician - Port Coquitlam

Karl Hauka Photo

Karl Hauka

Motorsports Technician

Ed Wagstaff Photo

Ed Wagstaff

Contact Ed at: [email protected] or (604) 854-3440

Matt Photo

Matt Jung

Parts & Accessories - Abbotsford Store

Parts & Accessories - Abbotsford Team Contact Matt at: [email protected] or (604) 854- 3440

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