2017 Raptor 90


Remember the first ride you took? The freedom, and independence? How that feeling turned into a lifelong passion? Get your little one started on Yamaha’s Raptor 90. Reverse and electric start with big-bike styling make the Raptor 90 easy to learn on while looking fast.

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  • Air-cooled, 89.5, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke powerplant produces smooth, reliable, novice friendly power.
    • proven, reliable design
    • easy to use, linear power delivery
    • solid low-to-mid-range performance
    • air cooling for simplicity & reduced maintenance
  • Push-button electric starting backed up by an emergency manual kick starter.
    • electric starting makes learning to ride more fun
  • Single overhead camshaft (SOHC), 2-valve design.
    • simple 1- intake valve & 1- exhaust valve cylinder head design
    • utilizes conventional rocker arms & screw type tappet adjusters for easier maintenance
  • Flat top piston & lightweight ball bearing style crankshaft.
    • 9.2:1 compression ratio, uses regular gas
    • lightweight components means faster engine response
  • Automatic cam chain adjuster.
    • reduces maintenance & mechanical engine noise
  • TK 13mm carburetor.
    • crisp throttle response with good fuel economy
    • easy access handle bar mounted choke lever
  • Fully automatic CVT transmission with reverse.
    • automatic clutch and no gears to shift allow young riders to concentrate on the basics of riding & developing riding skills
    • select a gear, then gas it & go… it is that easy
    • automotive style gated shifter: forward, neutral & reverse
    • handle bar mounted indicator lights provide indication of drive selection (forward or reverse)
  • Maintenance-free capacitor discharge ignition (CDI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
  • Easy access, no tools required washable foam air filter.
    • reduces maintenance costs
    • re-usable design
  • Spark arrestor equipped exhaust system.
    • quiet design
    • “cleanable” spark arrestor prevents stray sparks from exiting the exhaust
    • heat shield protects young riders from hot components


  • Rugged round tube, steel frame.
    • compact design provides nimble, responsive handling
    • low seat height makes getting on & off easy
  • Adjustable independent, single A-arm front suspension.
    • 5 — position spring preload adjustability to match rider weight and / or trail conditions
    • 126 mm (5″) front wheel travel
    • grease fitting on selected components
  • Adjustable single shock rear suspension.
    • 5 — position spring preload adjustability
    • 145 mm (5.7″) front wheel travel
  • Dual front drum brakes.
    • independent (separate) front & rear braking for enhanced control & terrain-ability
    • hand-operated brake levers are similar to those used on a bicycle for easy familiarity
  • Single drum rear brake with handle bar mounted lever style parking brake.
    • consistent braking performance
  • Rugged steel rims fitted with 18″ tires.
    • steel rims provide excellent durability & traction
    • tire design enhances steering precision, ride comfort & traction
  • 6.6 litre fuel tank.
    • on – off – reserve petcock helps to prevent running out of gas
    • reserve portion of tank is 0.9 litres
  • Rugged & roomy floorboards.
    • excellent rider foot protection
    • helps reduce mud & water splash
  • Aggressive styling & rugged body work.
    • aggressive, sporty styling & high fenders are inspired by the mighty Raptor 700R.
  • Durable O-ring drive chain.
  • Low maintenance, sealed battery (battery should be charged during extended storage).
    • battery is sealed… no need to check electrolyte levels or add distilled water


  • Keyed ignition lets parents control use
  • Heat shields on exhaust protect young riders from hot components
  • Adjustable speed limiter screw on throttle housing restricts throttle lever movement to reduce acceleration & top speed.
  • 2-stage rpm limiter device limits engine rpm. As skills improve, the limiter can be removed & maximum engine rpm will increase from 4,900 rpm to 8,500 rpm making a significant difference in power & performance.

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