2017 V-Star 950 Tourer


Power, handling, comfort and style. The V-Star 950 Tourer offers serious middleweight performance in user friendly, confidence inspiring package. Lightweight, easy handling and a low seat height will appeal to new riders, while seasoned veterans will appreciate the comfort of the Tourer’s quick release, locking windshield, and passenger backrest; not to mention the hard shell leather wrapped saddlebags. Discover your free spirit.

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  • 942cc, air-cooled, SOHC, 4-valve per cylinder, fuel injected, 60° V-twin power plant pumps out impressive power & torque. Maximum torque is reached at 3,500 rpms, for relaxed cruising performance.
  • SOHC, pent-roof, 4-valve cylinder heads.
    • 4-valve design optimizes breathing efficiency & overall engine performance at all rpms
    • 31.5 mm intake & 28 mm exhaust valves use friction reducing single valve springs
    • stylish chromed cylinder head covers
    • compact pent roof combustion chamber design & optimized squish area forces the fuel / air mixture toward the centre of the combustion chamber for more complete combustion & excellent power with reduced emissions
    • 25,000 km valve adjustment intervals
  • Specially designed roller rockers activate the valves.
    • Y shaped roller rocker arms allows a greater amount of valve lift without causing excessive camshaft wear & friction
    • slipper portion of the rocker arm utilizes a needle bearing for reduced camshaft wear & reduced sliding resistance (friction)
  • No fuss, traditional air-cooled engine design.
    • cylinders have a tapered “V” appearance to highlight the V-twin engine style
    • cooling fins have been optimized for reliable cooling even in stop & go traffic
  • Automatic cam chain tensioners reduce mechanical noise & simplify maintenance.
  • Liner-less, ceramic composite-plated cylinder bores.
    • ceramic coating sprayed directly on the aluminum blocks, eliminating the liners & reducing weight
    • excellent heat dissipation for consistent power delivery
    • ceramic coating enhances the thin film of oil between the cylinder & piston, reducing friction & increasing power
    • extended cylinder service life
  • Flat top, lightweight forged aluminum pistons.
    • less reciprocating mass for fast engine response
    • reduced mechanical vibration for excellent reliability
  • Single pin style crankshaft.
    • design accentuates V-twin engine character, pulse feel & sound
  • Wet sump lubrication system with easy access, spin on oil filter & drain plug for easy oil changes.
  • Classic side mounted 3 litre air box houses an easy access, a high-flow viscous paper-type filter.
  • “Closed loop”, dual bore, 35 mm throttle body fuel injection system with linear throttle response for easy riding.
    • system uses throttle position sensor (TPS) to help optimize intake air flow & power
    • ISC or idle speed controller ensures a steady idle
    • 4 – hole injectors optimize fuel atomization & feature a dual spray pattern for more complete combustion chamber filling
    • “closed loop system” uses an oxygen sensor to “sniff” spent exhaust & automatically adjust the fuel / air ratio for reduced emissions
    • oxygen sensor is located before the mufflers, so the use of aftermarket “slip-on” mufflers will not affect the closed loop system
    • fuel injection benefits include; excellent throttle response, choke-free starting, steady idling during warm up, excellent fuel economy & reduced emissions
  • Smooth-shifting, 5-speed transmission.
    • optimized gear ratios match engine power for strong acceleration
    • 5th gear offers reduced engine rpms at highway speeds
    • one piece classic heel-and-toe shifter enhances overall cruising experience
    • clutch is an “outer pull” design for light, easy lever effort
  • Belt drive final drive.
    • cleaner & quieter than chain drive… no messy chain splatter
    • low maintenance… no regular adjustments or lubrication required
    • belt drive system simplifies customization
  • Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
  • 2 into 1 exhaust system.
    • large diameter header pipes for maximum flow
    • dual stage muffler produces a low, throaty V-Twin growl
    • heat shields protect rider & passenger from hot components
    • 3-way honeycomb catalyzer reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Air Injection System injects fresh air into exhaust ports to fully burn any unburnt fuel, further reducing exhaust emissions.


  • Tube type, double cradle steel frame.
    • provides roomy ergonomics combined with a low 675 mm (26.6″) seat height
    • frame utilizes a rigid engine mounting system optimizing the overall rigidity balance for superior handling
    • engine mounting position provides a low center of gravity for light, easy handling
  • Steel swingarm compliments the frame and the overall chassis rigidity balance.
  • 41mm KYB front fork offers 135 mm (5.3″) of wheel travel.
    • excellent ride comfort & compliance
    • large-diameter brushed-finished fork covers
  • Adjustable Monocross style single-shock, link rear suspension with 110 mm (4.3″) of wheel travel.
    • linkage system provides a rising rate effect that provides excellent compliance on both small & large bumps
    • 9 positions of spring preload adjustability to suit load and / or rider preferences
  • Rear shock is vertically mounted behind the engine.
    • shock is tucked out of sight for that classic, clean, hard tail look
    • location centralizes mass for light, agile handling
  • Single, large 320 mm floating front disc is squeezed by a twin piston front caliper.
  • 298 mm rear disc is squeezed by a single piston caliper.
    • caliper is mounted below the swingarm to lower center of gravity for lighter handling & a clean custom look
  • Lightweight 8-spoke, cast aluminum wheels.
    • front wheel size is MT3.50 x 18
    • rear wheel size is MT4.50×18
    • both fitted with tubeless tires
  • Steel front & rear fenders allows for easy painting or customization… to suit personal preferences
  • 17 litre fuel tank
    • extended riding range
    • 3.4 litre reserve capacity (low fuel light illuminates)
    • high capacity electric fuel pump
  • Generous rider & passenger seats
    • offers excellent long distance comfort & support
    • rider seat is only 675 mm or 26.6″ inches off the ground
    • front section of rider seat features a slim / narrow design, making it easier to touch both feet on the ground
    • passenger seat can be easily removed if desired
  • Full-size, “tapered” floating-type rider floorboards.
    • roomy & comfortably positioned
    • help reduce vibration
    • special replaceable “scrapers” on the lower edge of floorboard
  • 1 inch, rubber mounted handlebars with bar end weights.
    • reduced vibration for excellent comfort
    • easy to reach
  • Fuel tank mounted meter / instrument.
    • functions include; speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, fuel reserve trip meter (counts kilometers since low fuel light illuminated), clock & range of warning lights
    • self-diagnostic function
    • adjustable background illumination
    • instrument functions can be “tabbed” through & reset using the RHS handlebar switch gear, allowing the operator to change instrument functions without taking hands off the bars.
  • Fork mounted quick release, locking tall windshield.
    • offers excellent wind & weather protection
    • features chrome accents & a central Star logo
    • optional Genuine Yamaha Accessory shorter windshields available
  • 23 litre, leather covered, hard shell saddlebags.
    • stylish tapered design
    • lockable for extra security
    • one touch / one hand openers
    • shell is made of ABS plastic & then leather wrapped… bags keep their shape
  • Quick detach, locking passenger backrest embossed with Star logo.
    • adds comfort, style & peace of mind
  • 60/55 watt high intensity halogen headlight.


  • Industry-leading Star family fit& finish
  • Unit is pre-wired for accessory passing lamps (inside headlight shell)
  • Upper & lower belt drive cover
  • Extra wide front brake & clutch levers
  • Steering lock is integrated into the main ignition switch for extra convenience.
  • Under seat helmet holder
  • Self-cancelling turn signals
  • Traditional dipstick to check oil level
  • Low-maintenance, sealed battery (battery should be charged during winter storage)

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