2018 YZ65 (2-Stroke)


Featuring an all-new engine, chassis, suspension, bodywork and more, the 2018 Yamaha YZ65 is designed to provide young riders with top-notch performance and reliability on the way to the victorYZone.

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Key Features

  • Powerful-feeling 65 cc liquid cooled, single-cylinder 2-stroke engine with Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS)
  • Crankcase reed valve
  • 6-speed transmission with optimized gear ratios
  • Newly designed semi-double-cradle steel frame, aluminum subframe
  • 36mm inverted fork with 12 levels of compression and 10 levels of rebound damping for solid front-end feedback
  • Monocross rear suspension with 10 levels of adjustment for both rebound and compression damping
  • Newly designed aluminum swingarm
  • Aluminum tapered handlebar with four positions of adjustability
  • New seat for improved comfort, body weight transfer and easy maintenance
  • 14-inch front and 12-inch rear wheel
  • Styling based on high-end YZ models


  • Powerful-feeling 65 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 2-stroke engine with crankcase reed valve.
    • Overall design creates excellent ride character and performance
  • Yamaha Power Valve System (YPVS).
    • Mechanical power valve system delivers effective exhaust timing throughout the entire rev range
    • Provides excellent power and torque characteristics
    • Delivers responsive acceleration just as the rider intends
    • Slit-shaped valve on the side of the exhaust port operates in response to engine rpm
    • In low-to-mid-rpm range when exhaust timing is slower, valve moves to cover the top part of the exhaust port
    • In high rpm range when quick exhaust timing is needed, valve recedes and exhaust port is fully uncovered
    • Valve control governor from YZ125 and YZ250 employed
  • Newly-designed 2-petal reed valve.
  • Optimized crankshaft balance and lightweight connecting rod.
    • Resin weight in crank web creates high primary compression ratio and optimal inertial mass
    • Delivers instant power delivery and reduced vibration
  • New intake manifold and exhaust pipe.
    • Optimal intake and exhaust layout complies with racing regulations
    • Short exhaust produces rippling sound unique to a 2-stroke
    • Expansion chamber designed for plenty of volume
    • New design pays special attention to pulses that occur during combustion flow to contribute to explosive but easy-to-use power
    • Exhaust complies with FIM/AMA regulations
  • Newly-designed piston and piston rings.
  • High-voltage ignition coil.
    • Optimized ignition output produces a stronger, more consistent spark throughout the entire rpm range
  • Model-specific CDI unit.
    • Digital CDI system delivers precise spark and monitors engine speed to ensure optimal timing for excellent response
  • Short-type spark plug.
    • Short design offers better service ability and performance
  • 6-speed transmission with optimized gear ratios.
    • Ideal number of clutch plates and spring load gives clutch lever a light pull
    • Gear ratios fine-tuned for performance
  • Fine-tuned air cleaner box with revised shape and larger capacity (compared to YZ85).
  • Keihin PWK28 carburetor with revised settings (compared to YZ85).
  • Downsized radiator (compared to YZ85).
  • Drive chain with new dimensions (compared to YZ85).
    • Gold colour contributes to bike’s serious racing aesthetic


  • Newly-designed semi-double-cradle steel frame and aluminum subframe.
    • Dimensions, rigidity balance and synergy with suspension equals handling that feels light and stable, and willing to lean over in turns
    • Lightweight, bolt-on aluminum subframe contributes to mass-centralization
    • Aluminum subframe weighs 645 g compared to YZ85’s steel subframe (1,420 g)
  • Inverted 36 mm KYB front fork with 215 mm (8.5 in) of wheel travel.
    • Design combines handling with a light, stable feel and a solid connection to the ground
    • 36 mm inner tubes ensure planted feeling when entering corners and excellent shock absorption when going over bumps
    • Outer tubes made of aluminum alloy for excellent rigidity and front-end feel
    • Adjustable compression (12 levels) and rebound (10 levels) damping to fine-tune handling and performance on the track
    • Fork spacing is the same as YZ85 model (175 mm)
    • Aluminum steering stem developed for rigidity balance
  • KYB link-less Monocross rear suspension with 270 mm (10.6 in) of wheel travel.
    • New design provides smooth damping feel and doesn’t bottom out when absorbing shocks
    • Shock absorber has 10 levels of adjustment for both rebound and compression damping to fine-tune handling and performance
  • Newly-designed aluminum swingarm.
    • Rigidity balance is tuned for YZ65’s new frame, delivering light handling feel and easy lean-in characteristics
    • Swingarm end designed with ease of maintenance in mind
    • Resin chain guard designed not to get caught up in ruts that the small wheel will travel through
  • Tapered aluminum handlebar with 4-position adjustability.
    • Handlebar adjusts 27 mm to match a child’s growth
    • Handlebar crown made of cast aluminum for light weight and strength
  • New seat for comfort and easy maintenance.
    • Seat design facilitates body weight transfer for enhanced on-track performance and rider confidence
    • Single bolt under the seat cushioning makes seat removal easier
  • Bodywork based on high-end YZ models.
    • Body panels have a soft, gentle look
    • Styling follows the YZ design language of horizontal lines
    • Colours and graphics similar to the flagship YZ450F
  • Wave-style disc brakes.
    • Sporty wave-style rotors are lighter than conventional rotors and offer improved self-cleaning action in dirty conditions
    • New brake pads
  • 14-inch (front) and 12-inch (rear) blue Excel rims with Maxxis SI tires.
    • Maxxis SI tires offer good grip across a variety of track conditions
    • Blue Excel rims offer high quality and race-minded looks


  • Adjustable clutch and front brake levers
  • Grippy footpegs
  • Fuel capacity is 3.5 litres
  • Bead lock on rear wheel
  • Folding shift lever tip helps prevent damage

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