2019 PW50 (2-Stroke)


One of the industry`s best-selling mini-bikes, the PW50 is a fantastic entry-level bike designed to help young riders learn the ropes at an affordable price.

Dealer #: 6249



  • Air-cooled, 49cc, reed-valve, 2-stroke single is mildly tuned to deliver predictable power that gently eases the new rider up the off-road learning curve.
  • Mikuni VM12SC carb
    • easy access handlebar / dash mounted choke lever
    • good fuel economy
    • crisp throttle response
  • Reed-valve intake system.
    • smooths power delivery
    • widens the power band
  • Single-speed fully automatic transmission.
    • twist the throttle & go operation
    • allows young riders to concentrate on the basics of riding without worrying about clutching & shifting
  • Shaft drive system.
    • virtually maintenance-free
    • comes fully enclosed for added protection & durability
    • no chain to worry about adjusting or lubricating
  • Exclusive Autolube Oil Injection System.
    • eliminates the need & hassle of fuel/oil premixing
    • system precisely meters the exact amount of oil required by the engine
  • Easy access, washable foam air filter reduces tune-up costs.
  • Maintenance-free capacitor discharge ignition (CDI).
    • produces a strong spark for fast starts
    • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms
  • Lightweight, exhaust system with heat shields.
    • quiet design
    • exhaust pipe has been routed away the from the rider to avoid accidental contact burns
    • “cleanable” screen-type spark arrestor
    • heat shields protect young riders from hot components


  • Rugged steel backbone-type frame
  • Class-lowest 485mm (19.1″) seat height
    • creates a handling-enhancing low centre of gravity
    • allows most riders to put both feet on the ground for added confidence
  • 22mm telescopic front fork with 60mm (2.4″) of travel smooths out the bumps.
  • Dual rear shock suspension with 50mm (2″) of wheel travel
  • Front and rear drum brakes
    • provide strong stopping power
    • hand-operated brake levers are similar to those used on bicycles for familiarity
  • Durable, mag-style wheels
    • no need to tighten or replace damaged spokes
    • easy to clean too!
  • Knobby tires
    • provide good traction in the dirt
  • Specially designed one-piece rear fender, side panels & seat.
    • easily removed for cleaning or maintenance
  • Rugged plastic body components.
    • resist damage in the event of a tip-over
    • YZ inspired front & side number plates for that big bike look
    • Team Yamaha-inspired colour & graphics


  • Heat shields on engine & exhaust protect young riders from hot components.
  • Adjustable speed limiter screw on throttle housing restricts acceleration & top speed.
  • Removable exhaust pipe restrictor allows parents to increase top speed as skills improve.
  • Start/Run switch prevents unit from moving while in the start position.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Adult supervision and proper protective riding gear, including a helmet, are a must when a youngster is operating a PW50.

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