VF175 Vmax SHO X-Shaft


Whether you are running a deep-V aluminum fishing boat, bay boat, centre console boat or multi-species boat, the new VF175 X-Shaft truly delivers the performance you have come to expect from a Yamaha V MAX SHO. Enjoy all of the benefits associated with four-stroke power, including clean, quiet operation and great fuel efficiency, with the weight, hole shot and top speed to rival a two stroke.

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The VF175 is super smooth and powerful, thanks to advanced double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and counterbalance shafts. It’s also extremely fuel efficient, delivering 30-to-40 per cent better fuel efficiency than a carbureted two stroke.


Efficient use of space is another benefit. The V MAX SHO 175 does not require carrying two-stroke oil. There’s no need for an oil tank, which means more room for batteries, tackle or storage in the boat.


Thanks to mechanical control, the outboard offers easy rigging. You can equip it with your choice of analog, 6Y5 digital or Command Link® gauges.


With proven, Yamaha four-stroke, marine-specific architecture, the V MAX SHO 175 will provide years of reliability.


Like its siblings – the V MAX SHO 115, V MAX SHO 150, V MAX SHO 200, V MAX SHO 225 and

V MAX SHO 250 – the V MAX SHO 175 has powerful good looks with a paint scheme that looks like nothing else on the water.

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