Zoom 260 Roll Up

Stable and affordable, the Zoom is very compact and easy to store.

Product Highlights

  • Excellent value
  • Thwart included as standard
  • High load capacity

Product Details

Made from glued structure STRONGAN™ fabric, the ZOOM range offers excellent value for money. Its large diameter buoyancy tubes give it an impressive load capacity. The truncated-cone tube ends provide great buoyancy, particularly noticeable if you choose a 4-stroke engine. Depending on size, the ZOOM is available with a slatted, plywood or inflatable floor, helping it fit in perfectly with your boat.


Dimensions (m – fi)
Length overall2.60 – 8’6”
Inside length1.64 – 5’5”
Width overall1.53 – 5’0”
Inside width0.68 – 2’3”
Tube diametre0.43 – 1’5”
Passengers (ISO)3
Max payload allowed (Cat C) (Hp – kW)350 – 772
Max payload allowed (Cat B) (Hp – kW)
Total weight (kg – lbs)27 – 60
Airtight compartments3
Hull storage (m – fi)
Hull length:
Hull width
Hull height
Hull angle (°)
Outboard data
Min recommended power (Hp – kW) 3 – 2.30
Max recommended power (Hp – kW) 4 – 3
Max power allowed (Hp – kW) 4 – 3
Max speed (Km/h – mph)
Folded boat dimensions (m – fi)
Length of 1st bag1.05 – 3’5”
Width of 1st bag0.56 – 1’10”
Height of 1st bag0.32 – 1’1”
Length of 2nd bag
Width of 2nd bag
Height of 2nd bag


  • Slatted floor
  • Engine mounting plate
  • Bailer
Buoyancy tube
  • 1100 decitex material
  • Semi-recessed valves
  • Lashings
  • 2 oar rests
  • 2 swivel oarlocks
  • Rubbing strip
  • 1 bow handle
  • 2 carrying handles
  • 2 stainless steel tow rings
  • Cone reinforcers
Glued PVC
Standard Equipment
  • Aluminium oars
  • Foot pump
  • Thwart
  • Carrying bag
  • Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual

Dealer #: 6249


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